Water System Details

Community: HARRIS FARMS SOUTH #101-144
County: Fresno
Sys. Category: Complete water system only
Agency Name: HARRIS FARMS SOUTH #101-144
Ownership: Private
Ownership Type: Private non-PUC reg
Population: 160
Connections: 41
2010 MHI: 39,874
DAC Classification Source: Calculated

Geography: Valley Floor
Location: Coalinga

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Alt. Contact:

H2O Sys. Num.: 1009028
Water Source: Assumed GW
Active Wells Count: -1
Wells Issues?: XXXXX
Issues: SWTR Violation - The DPH issued compliance order #03-12-080-009 dated April 29, 2008 for the South Camp system. The 90 gallon per minute treatment plant is approximately 30 years old and includes a pretreatment unit, 2 each 42 inch diameter pressure fil

Potential Solutions:

  Water quality sample results for selected constituents. Values shown for water samples collected 2004-2014.
  Raw Water Delivered Water   Raw Water Delivered Water
  Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count   Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count
Arsenic (10 ug/L): 2.00 0.67 3 2.00 0.67 3 Flouride (2 mg/L): 0.19 0.16 3 0.19 0.16 3
DBCP (0.2 ug/L): Perchlorate (6 ug/L): 0.00 0.00 2 0.00 0.00 2
Nitrate as NO3 (45 mg/L): 4.50 3.73 3 4.50 3.73 3 TCE (5 ug/L):
PCB (0.5ug/L): THMs (80 ug/L): 140.00 73.85 140.00 73.85
Uranium (20 pC/L):              

WW Sys. Num.:
Treatment: XXXXX
Design Flow (MGD):

Total Enforcement Actns:
Cat.1 Viol:
Cat. 2 Viol:

Total Viol:

Septic Probs?: XXXXX
Sewer Issues:
Potential Solutions: New equipment items including the following are proposed for the treatment plant: A new pressure contact clarifier pretreatment unit, an additional 42 inch diameter pressure filter, a new 100,000 gallon capacity treated water storage tank, a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter system, an ultraviolet light (UV) reactor to disinfect filtered water, two (one duty, one standby) new distribution system booster pumps controlled by variable frequency drives to maintain system pressure, and new filtered water and backwash water totalizing rate of flow meters. The existing hydropneumatic tank and the two storage tanks would be demolished.The contact clarifier will improve the filtered water quality, and the GAC filter system will reduce organics and TTHM precursors. GAC treatment, along with UV disinfection to allow a reduction in the chlorine dose will resolve the TTHM problem, and the TOC removal ratio problem. - Funding is needed to initiate a Planning Study to identify appropriate solutions to resolve the TTHM CO.
Treatment Comm: XXXXX
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