Water System Details

County: Fresno
Sys. Category: Complete water system only
Ownership: Private
Ownership Type: City, County, State owned
Population: 660
Connections: 165
2010 MHI: 36,806
DAC Classification Source: Calculated

Geography: Valley Floor
Location: Riverdale

Contact Title: OPERATOR
Contact: Boad of Directors BASS
Alt. Contact:

H2O Sys. Num.: 1000053
Water Source: GW
Active Wells Count: 2
Wells Issues?: XXXXX
Issues: Both wells produce water exceeding Arsenic MCL - Water quality produced by 2 wells in Lanare exceed arsenic MCL. Treatment Plant operation is not affordable to the community. Treatment Plant is not being used. - Arsenic contamination at 30 ppb, natura

Potential Solutions:

  Water quality sample results for selected constituents. Values shown for water samples collected 2004-2014.
  Raw Water Delivered Water   Raw Water Delivered Water
  Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count   Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count
Arsenic (10 ug/L): 31.90 18.59 25 31.90 18.59 25 Flouride (2 mg/L): 1.60 1.30 3 1.60 1.30 3
DBCP (0.2 ug/L): 0.50 0.13 4 0.50 0.13 4 Perchlorate (6 ug/L): 4.00 3.20 5 4.00 3.20 5
Nitrate as NO3 (45 mg/L): 6.00 1.78 13 6.00 1.78 13 TCE (5 ug/L): 0.50 0.50 4 0.50 0.50 4
PCB (0.5ug/L): 4 4 THMs (80 ug/L): 102.00 25.88 4 102.00 25.88 4
Uranium (20 pC/L): 0.00 0.00 4 0.00 0.00 4              

WW Sys. Num.:
Treatment: XXXXX
Design Flow (MGD):

Total Enforcement Actns:
Cat.1 Viol:
Cat. 2 Viol:

Total Viol:

Septic Probs?: XXXXX
Sewer Issues:
Potential Solutions: Arsenic treratment plant shut down due to commnity's inability to afford treatment plant costs spcifically due to excessive usage of water by some customers. Customers were unmetered at the time. Funding is coming available to install water meters on each customer. Water system is in receivership. - The Proposed Project would intertie with the Riverdale Water System. There would be approximately three (3) miles of 8" or 10"main line required to connect the Lanare system to the Riverdale system. The Lanare Community could either pay for water provided by Riverdale and manage their own system, or they could consolidate with the Riverdale system and have Riverdale maintain the Lanare distribution system also. This last option has not been acceptable to the community Riverdale. - The existing Arsenic treatment plant designed by Boyle Engineering and put into service in 2006 works. It is the water production and use that were out of control thus placing the cost of operation of the treatment plant out of control. A seperate USDA project to install meters, establish a tiered rate and guarantee sufficient income to run the arsenic treatment plant is currently in progress. Once the meter project is completed the next step is to re-establish the treatment plant. This project is to reactivate the existing arsenic treatment plant. Pumps, hoses, injectors, filters and tanks will need to be cleaned and or replaced as well as supplies testing and support. - The District has proposed to install a water meter at each service connection.The water meter installation project would consist of the following:Conduct field reconnaissance and locate existing water mains and service connections. District is aware of 154 existing service connections. It is anticipated that some unknown illegal connections may exist and will need to be identified. Single residences would have a meter insalled with necessary fitting inside the street right-of-way.Services with multiple dwellings or multiple uses( i.e. agricultural) would require installation of an additional service to faciltate separate metering.Meters would be installed on each separate service. Owners would be required to modify onsite plumbing, as necessary, and connect to the new water services.Commercial and other non-residential service connections would require installation of backflow prevention devices. Owners would install backflow preventiondevices on their property, near right of way line. 160 1" meters for existing residential service connection11 new 1" water services with meter for residential connections.10 2" meters for existing commercial service connections, and 8 new 2" water services with meter for commercial connections.The District will be able to better account for water usage in the system. Leaks and excessive water usage will be able to be identified and addressed accordingly through the water meter rate structure that will be implemented.This project will also include a by-pass water line from one of the existing wells to the storage tank, and the cost of cleaning the Storage tank which is not being used at present.The project cost estimate includes engineering fees, surveying and legal fees for surveys and preparation of easement legal descriptions. Attorney fees are included for easements. Costs for replacing water mains on private property are not included.
Treatment Comm: XXXXX
SelfHelp Comments: severely DAC