Kaweah River Basin IRWM

Where water issues impact, or can enhance, the protection or restoration of riparian, wetland, or upland habitats, and preserve or protect native land use in the Kaweah River Basin, the Kaweah Basin IRWMP will support such projects for their multiple benefit goals.

The Kaweah River Basin Integrated Regional Water Management (KIRWM) group, established in 2007, is a collaborative effort to manage all aspects of water resources in the Kaweah River Basin Region. There are many agencies and stakeholders involved in the IRWM, including the Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District, County of Tulare, Exeter Irrigation District, Lakeside Irrigation District, Tulare Irrigation District and the cities of Visalia, Tulare, Lindsay and Farmersville.

The Kaweah IRWM group meets monthly to evaluate how the water in the region can best be managed as well as discuss future projects for grant applications. Projects must conform to the group's objectives, which include groundwater management, water supply, water quality, flood control, and ecosystem restoration.

Contact Information:

Kaweah Delta Water Conservation District
2975 N. Farmersville Blvd.
Farmersville, CA 93223
Telephone: 559 -747-5601