Water System Details

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County: Fresno
Sys. Category:
Ownership: Public (state, federal, local)
Ownership Type: City, County, State owned
Population: 1200
Connections: 250
2010 MHI: 0,000
DAC Classification Source: Calculated

Location: Biola

Contact Title: General Manager
Contact: Cheryl Belluomini
Alt. Contact:

H2O Sys. Num.: 1010049
Water Source: GW
Active Wells Count: 4
Wells Issues?: XXXXX
Issues: No current water quality violations; previously had bacteria in distribution system due to pump oil-The District of Biola's primary domestic drinking water well - Well 3 - was drilled in 1978. Its head motor is an electric Floway DWT with 100 horsepower

Potential Solutions: Build additional aerated lagoon

  Water quality sample results for selected constituents. Values shown for water samples collected 2004-2014.
  Raw Water Delivered Water   Raw Water Delivered Water
  Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count   Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count
Arsenic (10 ug/L): 2.90 1.98 4 2.90 1.98 4 Flouride (2 mg/L): 0.20 0.13 4 0.20 0.13 4
DBCP (0.2 ug/L): 0.50 0.10 6 0.50 0.10 6 Perchlorate (6 ug/L): 4.00 1.33 3 4.00 1.33 3
Nitrate as NO3 (45 mg/L): 14.90 11.96 12 14.90 11.96 12 TCE (5 ug/L): 0.50 0.25 2 0.50 0.25 2
PCB (0.5ug/L): THMs (80 ug/L): 0.50 0.25 0.50 0.25
Uranium (20 pC/L):              

WW Sys. Num.: 273109
Treatment: XXXXX
Design Flow (MGD): 0.2

Total Enforcement Actns: 9
Cat.1 Viol: 12
Cat. 2 Viol: 0

Total Viol: 143

Septic Probs?: XXXXX
Sewer Issues: near capacity
Potential Solutions: oil lube pump was converted to water lube pump-Energy-efficient motors are 2% to 8% more efficient than standard motors like Biola's current Well 3 motor. It is estimated that pump motors account for up to 90% of energy costs in water distribution systems, with the lifetime energy costs to run a continuous-duty motor, as is the case with Biola, being 10 to 20 times higher than the original motor price. The District proposes the installation of an energy-efficient well head motor that will help reduce the District's water distribution system costs. The District estimates substantial savings, all the while increasing performance and contributing to a greener, environmentally friendly operation. Furthermore, energy-efficient motors generally have longer insulation and bearing lives, lower heat output, less vibration, and tend to be more tolerant of overload conditions and phase imbalance, all resulting in lower failure rates and maintenance costs.-Given the Feasibility Study's findings, the Distrist proposes upgrading the existing and old asbestos cement pipelines to PVC pipe and increasing the diameter to 8'' or greater, as appropriate. Also, the District proposes upgrading a main line that runs from one of its wells from 8'' to 10'' in diameter. This project would also encompass the replacement of old water valves and installing new fire hydrants.-In order to address its flow demands and lack of water storage capacity, the District proposes the addition of a nominal 750,000 gallon water storage tank, along with an appropriate booster pumping station, instrumentation and controls, and security upgrades. The tank will assure that the District can meet their basic domestic water needs and fire flow demands during all conditions, including periods of emergencies. Without said improvements, during periods when the distribution system loses pressure, the potential exists for the creation of negative pressures in the system, inviting the introduction of contaminants from the surrounding subsurface. Moreover, the addition of the tank will provide not only compliance with required fire fighting criteria, but the safety of positive pressures available from the tank, especially during periods of power outage when the pumps serving the system may not operate.
Treatment Comm: XXXXX
SelfHelp Comments: now severely DAC