Water System Details

County: Kern
Sys. Category: Complete water system only
Agency Name: MutWC of ALTA SIERRA
Ownership: Private
Ownership Type: Private non-PUC reg
Population: 25
Connections: 215
2010 MHI: 24,714
DAC Classification Source: Calculated

Geography: Mountains
Location: Wofford Heights

Contact Title: Secretary
Contact: William Preston
Alt. Contact:

H2O Sys. Num.: 1500209
Water Source: GW
Active Wells Count: 3
Wells Issues?: XXXXX
Issues: The water distribution main line consist of 3,300' of 2" galvanized threaded line that was installed during the 1930's & 40's. The primary problem is that the metal makeup of the old galvanized pipe contains lead. The Water Company is currently required b

Potential Solutions:

  Water quality sample results for selected constituents. Values shown for water samples collected 2004-2014.
  Raw Water Delivered Water   Raw Water Delivered Water
  Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count   Max. Ave. Count Max. Ave. Count
Arsenic (10 ug/L): 2.00 0.57 7 2.00 0.57 7 Flouride (2 mg/L): 0.10 0.03 7 0.10 0.03 7
DBCP (0.2 ug/L): Perchlorate (6 ug/L): 4.00 0.73 11 4.00 0.73 11
Nitrate as NO3 (45 mg/L): 18.00 1.58 18 18.00 1.58 18 TCE (5 ug/L): 0.00 0.00 4 0.00 0.00 4
PCB (0.5ug/L): THMs (80 ug/L): 5.00 1.55 5.00 1.55
Uranium (20 pC/L):              

WW Sys. Num.:
Treatment: XXXXX
Design Flow (MGD):

Total Enforcement Actns:
Cat.1 Viol:
Cat. 2 Viol:

Total Viol:

Septic Probs?: XXXXX
Sewer Issues:
Potential Solutions: Replace the existing 3,300' of 2" galvanized line with 8" C900 plastic water line, including inline block valves and necessary fittings to connection to the existing housing distribution system. As part of the upgrade we would like to include dry barrel fire hydrants at 500' intervals (this portion of the project may have to be funded by the landowners.) - Install new storage tank and distribution pipeline.
Treatment Comm: XXXXX
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